BethsWORKS Luxury body positive resin

Established in April 2020, BethsWorks has embarked on a nonstop journey from creating in a small corner of a bedroom to having a complete art studio dedicated to this journey. Continuously creating handmade, high quality resin pieces, secured in beautiful eco friendly packaging paired with the highest standard of customer service.

We are 100% committed to providing the best body positive, and body acceptance resin art pieces, and the experience it comes with.

meet our founder


Beth's history has always involved art, from studying Art for her school qualifications to now, running her own small business devoted to her art.

From leaving school and jumping into her first job, Beth slowly fell out of love with her art and slowly stopped creating.

However after losing her full time job due to COVID19, Beth decided to throw herself back into her art. With dabbling in resin art in late 2019, she knew it was definitely something she had to pursue further.

From gaining back her creative passion, BethsWorks was created.

Bethsworks' mission

Self love and body acceptance has always been something Beth has struggled with. Knowing that this is an extreme problem that millions of others struggle with, Beth has made it her mission to try and help as many people as she can.

BethsWorks specialises in body positivity and self acceptance ornamental figures and jewellery. Our goal is to expand our range of shapes and sizes so everyone can feel represented. We are expanding our range constantly and are always open to suggestions of different body types, shapes and styles.

To see beauty in something that is so similar to yourself often helps realise the beauty in you. Self love and confidence is something that everyone deserves and needs. Life is hard enough without punishing yourself for being you.

Here at BethsWorks we pride ourselves on our inclusivity. Please see our Figure Index to get a real feel for the figures we produce.

All in all, our mission is to help. Self love and acceptance is a basic need that everyone deserves. Everyone deserves to feel represented. By creating our products, we have joined countless amounts of journeys towards self love and acceptance.


You and your support is the heart of the reason we continue do to what we do. We are so grateful and proud to have you be a part of this community we have created.

From your purchases, to your likes, comments and shared thoughts. We cannot thank you enough.

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Thank you!

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