Q - Which figures are named what?
A -  These are the figures and their names listed below. Please keep in mind that the all body shapes are the same when different heights. You can find the exact sizes in product listings or on the FAQs page.

Aphrodite (a-fro-dye-tea)

Aphrodite is the original goddess, the one you are likely to have seen the most. Aphrodite has an arched back, tall posture, perky breasts and plump bottom. Aphrodite is available in the sizes: 1.25", 1.75", 2.5", 4", 5", 6", 7", 8".

Hera (heh-ra)

Hera is a curvier plus sized figure. She has more of an hourglass figure. Hera is slightly more detailed as you can see grooves on her skin more prominently on and around her stomach, she has a bigger bottom and larger, perkier breasts. Hera is available in the sizes: 1.25", 2", 4", 5", 8".

Athena (a-theen-a)

Athena is completely exclusive to BethsWorks as we created her shape. She has less perky breasts, a smaller bottom, wider hips and a bigger stomach compared to Aphrodite/Rhea. Athena is available in the sizes: 1.25", 2.5", 4".

Hestia (hes-tea-a)

Hestia is an 'average' built shape, with a little bit of a belly. Her Mons Pubis is a little more prominent than on our other figures. Hestia is our first figure that has noticeable hip dips. She is available in the sizes: 1.25", 2", 4".

Eileithyia (e-lith-e-i-a)

Eileithyia is a pregnant figure. She has a baby bump, and a slightly more arched back compared to Aphrodite.  Eileithyia is available in the size: 4".

Rhea (ray-a)

Rhea is completely exclusive to BethsWorks as we created her shape. She has a smaller frame, a slightly less arched back, narrower hips and a slightly smaller bottom compared to Aphrodite. She also has smaller breasts. Rhea is available in the sizes: 1.25", 4".

Adonis (a-don-is)

Adonis is the only male figure we stock, he is a more muscular male figure, with somewhat defined abs and a plump bottom. Adonis is available in the sizes: 1.25", 2.5", 4".

Celeano (cel-een-o)

Celeano is the only figure we have available with an actual head. She is sitting, resting on her knees with her hands around her back. She has a detailed face and a pony tail. Celeano is available in the size: 6".

Persephone (per-sef-an-e)

Persephone has a slightly thicker hourglass figure. She has a slimmed waist and a plump bottom. She is very similar to Aphrodite, but a little thicker. Persephone is available in the size: 1.25", 4", 5".

 Astraea (ast-ray-a)

Astraea is our first muscular female figure. She has visibly longer legs, a slim waist, big breasts and extremely defined abs. She has somewhat wide hips with a perky bottom. Astraea is available in the size: 4".

Harmonia (har-moan-i-a)

Harmonia is our first figure with a slight show of the start of arms. Her arms face upwards and stop around the same area as her neck. Harmonia's body type is an 'average' build, with a slight show of a hip dip, and and smaller - less perky breasts. Harmonia is available in the sizes: 1.25", 4".

Apollo (a-poll-o)

Apollo is our second male figure. Apollo is a plus sized male. He is rounder in shape, featuring a larger stomach compared to Adonis. You can see grooves on his stomach, sides and back. Apollo is available in sizes: 4".

Maia (my-a)

Maia is a new plus sized female figure. She has a rounder shape compared to Hera's hourglass figure. She features a round stomach, low hanging breasts which slightly fall to the sides and a smaller bottom. Maia is available in the sizes: 2", 4".

Aphaea (a-fay-a)

Aphaea is a pregnancy figure. She features a large baby belly, with bigger breasts. She is a lot rounder in shape, from the front than our other pregnant figure, Eileithyia. Aphaea has a slightly arched back with a large bottom. Aphaea is available in sizes: 2", 4".